SmartTOP Roof Top Control for SL (R129) STAFMZ1


£234.00 + VAT





Designed For: Mercedes SL (R129) with IR-Key and Mercedes SL (R129) with RF-Key

E13 Certification: E13 10R – 03 10070

Standby Power: <0.1MA

Dual Color LEDs: Yes


Important Compatibility Notes:

Our module is generally compatible to all SL R129 models, but on the earliest models (1990-1992) which use a Convertible Top Controller made by “Becker” (uses 3 plugs instead of the later version which uses only 2) there are some limitations:

  • Top can be used while driving as described above, but max. speed is 30km/h (20mph), programmable in 6 steps of 5km/h.
  • Remote operation as described above but there may be a 8-10 sec. delay before the top starts moving. This also makes the “Convenience” Mode appear to not work correctly when turning off the ignition.
  • On some models where the IR remote does not transmit a continuous signal, the key (turn and hold) can be used in the driver’s side door lock instead.
    Please see manual below for full function description and model differences.


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