SmartTOP Roof Top Control for SLK, CLK & SL STLBMZ1


£329.00 + VAT





Designed For:

  • SLK (R171) MY 2004-2011
  • CLK (A209) MY 2003+
  • SL (R230) MY 2002-2011

E13 Certification: E13 10R – 03 10070

Standby Power: <0.1MA

Dual Color LEDs: Yes


Important Compatibility Notes:
Our module is generally compatible to all CLK (A209) models, but on the earliest models (2004) there are some limitations: On CLKs MY 2004 the roof can be operated while driving, but not using the “one-touch” feature. This is due to the way the roof button is directly wired to the roof controller on this model only.
Please see manual below for full function description and model differences.


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